About Your Tactics

How do you market yourself online, and what else would you like to do?

What are online marketing tactics?

Creating your website, email, social media, and paid advertising are only some of the available online marketing tactics.

Not all work for every type of business.

Select which ones you use or are considering, and find out if and how to use them best.

We suggest that you don't try and do too many. Pick the ones that you think would be most relevant.

Use the Best Online Marketing Tactics For A Businesse Like Yours

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The Main Online Marketing Tactics



Most people who are thinking about using you will visit your website.

There are things you can do to encourage them to take it further.

But there are many ideas that are unlikely to help.



If you have a website, then someone will have suggested SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What does it involve?

How long does it take?

How much does it cost?

Is it worthwhile?

Social Media

Social Media

If you've tried posting on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, then you will have found the results are not as quick, easy, and good as some would tell you.

There are things that you can do differently.

There may be alternatives.



Email is often overlooked as an online marketing tactic.

Yet it is arguably one of the most effective.

And it can tie in with many of the other tactics.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Google Ads is the best-known PPC (pay-per-click) option, but most of the online platforms offer advertising.

You don't even have to be active on these platforms to take advantage.

If you are paying to be seen or clicked on, then you want to ensure you are getting value for money.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Whenever you write something, share a picture, or upload a video, that is content creation.

But how you do it, when you do it, and where you do it can make a massive difference.



Do you have products that could be sold online?

You don't even need to have a physical shop.

How can you best implement this to maximize your profits?

Which Tactics Would Help Your Business?