About Your Market

What you do, where you do it, and for whom?

Who Are Your Customers?

You will sell to consumers, businesses, or both.

Some online marketing options are much more appropriate for one rather than the other.

You don't want to get irrelevant stuff.

Online Marketing That Works For Businesses Like Yours

Where Are Your Customers?

You may have customers that are:

  • local;
  • regional / national, or;
  • international

But each introduces pros and cons for what's the right approach.

You want to know the best approach to target your customers wherever they are.

Online Marketing That Reaches Your Customers Wherever They Are

What Do You Sell?

You will sell products or services.

Some might be delivered electronically.

Others are physical.

You need to know the most appropriate marketing methods.

Online Marketing Best Suited To Sell Your Product Or service

Identify Your Market